Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Pincushion Rocks at Ryhope from car park near Seaham Hall


Pincushion Rocks from car park south of the dene with Sunderland in the distance.

Stack at Pincushion Rocks on the magnesium limestone cliffs at low tide. The only mag limestone cliffs in in UK. 

'Alien figure in rocks with spyhole on Seaham'

Amble Harbour

Short walk around Amble after picking up my paintings from the Coquetdale Gallery in Rothbury. I have decided this will be my last year at the gallery - its too far to travel from Durham.
Lunch in the harbour fish and chip café.
Harbour Boats

Interesting foreground with Warkworth Castle in the distance 

Used this photo as the basis for a collage project.

Interesting rear wall.

Blyth map

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Headland and North Gare Hartlepool

 Fish and chips at Headland Hartlepool then walk along the South Gare south of Seaton Carew

 Power Station

 Redcar steel works

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Keiper Woods and Finchale Abbey

 Stream cutting thro the carboniferous strata.

Trees at the top of the river banks. 


 Finchale Abbey
  Finchale Abbey and footbridge
 Bend in River Wear.
 River Wear

 View from bridge
 View from road entrance
 Cliffs from the Abbey
 View up the River Wear
 Abbey reflections
Interesting tree shapes

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hartlepool, Seaton Caraw and Crimdon

Fish and chips at Vettals after a torrential downpour.

Rain cleared- its a different day

Houses on the town wall

Looks like the church needs more than flying buttresses - probably built on sand. 

Town wall and harbour from top of the park.

Steel Works at Redcar

South Gare

Houses on the Green

Headland from Seaton Carew

Hart Beach Crimdon with the Little Tern colony fenced off on the left.

Crimdon beck with the wardens hut for the Little Terns on the horizon. Apparently the eggs have been stolen on previous years, the watch is not carried out for the full 24 hours so any determined thief will just wait until its vacated. 

Start of the Magnesium Limestone cliffs which run all the way up the Durham coastline to the headland at Tynemouth.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Glass Centre to Stadium of Light then Roker Park and the Marina

Lunch in the Glass House in the National Glass Centre watching Blue Tide being offloaded on the opposite bank.

Sunderland fish quay

Wearmouth Road and Rail Bridges 

Interesting pattern on walkway- was it laid this way or etched into the slabs?

Bridges from the west
Statue of Bob Stokoe celebrating the 1973 FA cup win against Leeds Utd.
I was in Zambia at the time and we were listening on the radio on short wave. Our boss at the time Buster Matthews, a Northern Rhodesian who was married to a Sunderland girl, promised us a day off work if they won- we never did get the day off.  

Large chimneys? opposite the Wheatsheaf pub.

Interesting fascade on the buildings opposite the entrance to Roker Park.

Bandstand in Roker Park.

Wearmouth Pier


Trawler in the Marina with a Berwick registration- Golden Lily.

3.6 miles circular walk passed the old Roker Park Stadium were I used to stand as a teenager in the Roker end- its now a housing estate.